Work, Study and Travel with Tourism Ireland! by Roisin Collins

Tell us a few things about yourself.

I am the Digital Marketing Coordinator for the team in Canada and have been working with Tourism Ireland since 2016. Throughout this time, I have been fortunate to have worked in our New York, Dublin, Sydney and Toronto offices. I like to play camogie and Gaelic football and feel that the experience of playing a team sport has really helped me to make friends quickly and adapt to new markets. I recently completed my MSc in Global Business in TU Dublin and studied Business Studies in DCU as my undergraduate degree.

What first attracted you to the Tourism Ireland Global Graduate Programme?

I always liked the idea of getting the opportunity to work, study and travel at the same time, so for me that was a huge pull factor. When you graduate college, it’s a great opportunity to both move abroad and focus on your professional goals.

Tell us what a typical day was like for you on your placement?

As my graduate placement was split over two roles, my day-to-day varied:

New York – Digital Marketing and Advertising Assistant (Year 1)
In this position I mainly covered social media strategy, consumer website management, partnership programme coordination and analytical reporting. It was great to live in such an incredible city and to help manage Tourism Ireland’s largest social media accounts.

Dublin – Industry Marketing Liaison Assistant (Year 2)
My role focused on social media, industry website management, attending industry events, liaising with tourism industry members and event organisation. I was fortunate in this role to attend International Luxury Travel Market with some of our luxury industry partners in Cannes. I was also afforded the opportunity to assist our team in Sydney for 2 weeks for St Patrick’s Day activities which was an amazing experience.

What were the benefits and challenges within the programme?


  1. The programme was a great opportunity to work in a global marketing organisation, enabling me to grow my skill set in new markets and experience different cultures.
  2. Being awarded the Global Business Leadership Diploma after the 2-year programme is very beneficial enabling me to learn how to balance and prioritise my personal and professional life. It also gave me the option to pursue a master’s degree upon completion of the diploma.
  3. Depending on the role, there are travel opportunities in most markets which is a great way to network and see the country you are living in while visiting on business.


Sometimes it can be hard to balance work and study, however I think this challenge really helps with personal development and learning this skill has benefited me to this day.

How do you think this programme has helped you with your future career?

This programme has helped my professional development as I am now much better at communicating and balancing my time. Since joining as a permanent member of staff, I have been afforded many opportunities to travel and have also completed my master’s degree as a continuation of the Global Business Leadership Diploma. I think working across new cultures and markets as part of the programme has increased my self-awareness and emotional intelligence which will be invaluable to me throughout my career.

What are top tips you would like to share with future Global Graduates?

  1. Do the right thing even when no one is looking – integrity is important and doesn’t go unnoticed.
  2. Take every mistake as a learning opportunity – no one is perfect!
  3. Respect your colleagues’ ideas but don’t be afraid to suggest your own too.


If you would like to apply to a Tourism Ireland placement click here  to create your online application and apply to our August 2020 Tourism Programme!