The life of a Brand Ambassador as seen through the eyes of Heather Keegan

Heather is a Brand Ambassador with Tullamore DEW part of the Ibec Global Graduates programme.

Tell us a few things about yourself

Born and bred in Galway, I spent 4 years studying Commerce with German at NUI Galway, with one of those years being spent abroad in Nürnberg where we were given the opportunity to immerse ourselves in the language and culture. Prior to beginning my role as an Ibec Global Graduates, I worked in a variety of roles from retail assistant to waitress to working in a photography studio. Like the majority of people in my free time I really do love to travel and exercise, but my two other loves are my dogs, Noah and Louie!

Have you always wanted to work in the drink industry?

I’ve always known that I wanted to work in a fast-paced, ever-changing environment. I didn’t know exactly where I’d find that but I couldn’t be happier than working in the industry that I am in. I think people can have a misconception about working within this industry but in the 6 months that I have had this role, I have learned an incredible amount about how businesses operate, the importance of building relationships and so much more.

Working within this industry means that your role varies from sales to finances, from graphic design to event-hosting, and two days really never are the same. The drinks industry improves your skillset in so many different areas, particularly your interpersonal skills, which is beneficial to you no matter what career you choose.

Why was working abroad, your best career move?

Each and every market is unique and I think that it’s important to be pushed out of your comfort zone and to meet people who might not necessarily have the same opinions as you as to how things should be done. No matter what job you have, you will be working with or assisting people from a variety of places so I think that it’s just as important to immerse yourself in a culture that you’re not completely familiar with, to expand your own cultural knowledge and gain insight into how different each market is and operates.

I think that moving from a market such as Ireland to one as big as the United States was definitely my best career move as it really has opened up my eyes to the endless opportunities that exist within the workplace and the variety of work that is out there. Being given the responsibility and opportunity to be the face of a well-established brand in an international market is an incredible opportunity. I knew the role would be challenging, but equally as rewarding, and being given such a pivotal role straight out of university is amazing.

What are your top tips that you would like to share with future Global Graduates?

  • Ask questions no matter how silly you may feel, the people you work with realise that you are new to the role and need extra help. Find someone that you don’t mind asking the ‘silly’ questions to, they will have been in your shoes before!
  • Realise that it takes time to adjust to a new role, especially in an international market, and that it will take some time for you to really get into the swing of things and really understand how your market works.
  • It’s not really a tip but be grateful for the role that you have gotten. The opportunity to work in an international market and as part of this programme is something that many people dream about. If you get selected to be part of the programme, give it your all as there’s a hundred people out there who would love to be in your position.
  • Also to make sure you enjoy the new city that you’re in. The time absolutely flies by and you’ll be surprised by how fast your placement comes and goes so make the most of your new home and all it has to offer.


If you would like to apply to a Brand Ambassador placement as part of the Ibec Global Graduates programme click here  to create your online application and apply to our January 2020 Brand Ambassador Programme!