Me, myself and Ibec by Kelly Ann Banville, HR Masters graduate on placement with Teleflex.

Tell us a few things about yourself.

My name is Kelly Ann and I am from Wexford. I attended Maynooth University for four years where I completed a BBA in Business and Management. I worked in a graduate role for a year before I participated on the Graduate Visa programme in the US. I lived in Madison, Wisconsin for 12 months and worked as a HR and Finance Assistant for a multinational company. I gained a great insight into HR and received practical experience while working in my role. I thoroughly enjoyed my time in the US and even played GAA for the Madison Ladies football team while I was there!

Before finishing up on the programme, I thought hard about the next steps for my return to Ireland. My role in the US really sparked my interest in Human Resources so I decided to return to academia and pursue a Masters in HRM at WIT. I found this was the best decision for me as I wanted to expand my HR knowledge while also giving myself the best possible start to my career journey.

On researching various graduate options I came across the Ibec Global Graduates programme. This programme essentially offers students the opportunity to complete a 12-month placement with an international company while also undertaking a postgraduate certificate in Global Business from Technological University Dublin. The chance to gain invaluable experience in HRM and continue my academic studies was too good of an opportunity to miss so I ensured I put a huge effort into my application.

Tell us about your role in Teleflex

Teleflex is a global provider of speciality medical devices which improve the lives of people every day all over the world. These products provide solutions in areas such as vascular, urology and respiratory to name a few. Teleflex’s headquarters are in Pennsylvania in the US with their European headquarters based here in Athlone, Ireland.

I work as a HR graduate on the Global Operations team while also working closely with HR colleagues on the Commercial side. So far, I have been involved in two ongoing global projects while also helping with ongoing recruitment, on-boarding and various reporting on a daily and weekly basis. As part of my role I have the opportunity to work with many cultures hailing from various parts of Europe, Asia and the US. I find this has improved my collaboration skills significantly while working as part of diversified teams.

My role with Teleflex has been primarily remote with the current Covid-19 restrictions in place. Early on, I found it important in my placement to establish a good routine while working from home. This has certainly helped my work ethic and organisation skills. Teleflex have provided wellness events throughout the year which have provided all employees with opportunities to attend various workshops through Microsoft teams. These have included skilled financial and health professionals offering advice and tips to employees who have been working from home since March 2020.

In December 2020 I had the opportunity to travel to the Athlone office for the first time and meet with my manager and the extended HR Athlone team where we discussed ongoing responsibilities and created new objectives and targets for 2021. I look forward to the months ahead in continuing to work on global projects along with gaining further experience and expanding my HR knowledge.

What are top tips you would like to share with graduates that wish to apply to this programme?

The online application is not something you should rush or put together without much thought. It is essential to anyone applying that you spend a significant amount of time thinking about what to include and ensure it is relevant to make your application as strong as possible.

Your first interview will be with an Ibec representative. This is primarily a way of Ibec getting to know you as a person and to understand why you applied for the programme and if you would make a good fit. This interview can be informal in nature, but you must ensure you prove yourself as an ideal candidate so be as prepared as possible. Similarly, you may be asked what makes you stand out from others who have applied for the programmes so have a think about what makes you unique.

The second interview is with a company you would have applied for a placement with. This interview requires extensive preparation and research. You should ensure you know the company you have applied for, their industry, products, current news etc. You should also prepare to answer some questions about yourself as the company are going to want to ensure you are the ideal candidate. For any interview I would always be prepared to answer competency-based questions. These are highly important to answer well as you want to sell yourself and highlight your current experience to those interviewing you.

Why would you recommend this graduate programme to other graduates?

The Ibec programme provides an excellent start for graduates who are starting their careers in their relevant field. What attracted me most to the programme was knowing that I would get an opportunity to work with an international company and gain excellent experience and guidance while working in HR. Additionally completing a level 9 in Global Business from TU Dublin is a very attractive element of the programme and a great opportunity to expand on your current academic qualifications. I knew that I would get the best possible start in my career by participating on this programme so therefore I would highly recommend it to anyone who is thinking of applying.


  • Opportunity to work for an international company while receiving great support from mentors and co-workers.
  • Attaining on the job learning from experienced colleagues and gaining further exposure in my relevant field of HR to kick-start my career.
  • Earning a level 9 qualification in Global Business that will benefit me immensely in my future endeavours.


  • It can be hard initially to find time to dedicate to your assignments for the postgraduate certificate outside of work. If you create and stick to scheduled times that you will spend on your studies outside of working hours I find this can greatly benefit you and help you make the most of your opportunities available on the programme.
  • Working from home can be hard at times for some people. I found by establishing a good working from home routine early on in my placement really helped me. By taking time out after work, eating well and exercising regularly this really helped me.

I have found this programme has allowed me to determine where my strengths lie and what areas of HR really interest me. I have thoroughly enjoyed working for such a diverse and inclusive company and look forward to the months ahead.

I wish the very best of luck to everyone in their applications for the programme.


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