Launch your Career in Pharma with Ibec Global Graduates

Tell us a few things about yourself

I studied for my Bachelors Degree in Pharmaceutical and Industrial Chemistry at the University of Limerick. During my degree, I had the opportunity to complete an eight-month industry work placement. I was placed with GSK Cork and worked in their Technical Development Department. This gave me my first experience of working in a process development laboratory, which spurred me to pursue a career in chemical process development and manufacturing. In my free time, I like to travel whenever possible, listen to music and socialize with friends.

I was interested in the Ibec Global Graduates – Multinational Programme because it offered me the opportunity to work in a process development laboratory and undertake research activities for a well renowned and industry leading company. These types of opportunities are not often available to graduates without further post-graduate qualifications so I saw it as an opportunity to enter the industry and continue learning through hands-on experiences.

How is it to work for Novartis Ringaskiddy

On their Ringaskiddy campus, Novartis make many drug product intermediates and active pharmaceutical ingredients in a multi-purpose manufacturing facility. The products manufactured in Ringaskiddy cover a range of therapeutic areas including Oncology, Cardiology, Neurology and Immunology. The site also houses other functions such as Technical Services, Supply Chain, Engineering and Quality that support the manufacturing operations.

I completed the placement element of the programme in the Manufacturing Science and Technology Department, MS&T at Novartis Ringaskiddy. In my role as a Process Development Chemist, my primary responsibility was providing laboratory-based support for the manufacturing processes. More specifically, this involved conducting small-scale experiments and chemical analysis to support process development projects and process troubleshooting activities. Over the course of my placement, I was involved in many projects with various goals; including inhibiting impurity formation, recrystallization process development and reaction kinetic studies. This provided an excellent platform to continue learning about the technical aspects of chemical manufacturing and improve my research skills.

The MS&T Department are very helpful and supportive of incoming graduates. MS&T is heavily involved in many aspects of the cross-functional operation at Novartis Ringaskiddy. This had a great benefit to me as a recent graduate as it allowed me to build knowledge of the many other aspects of pharmaceutical manufacturing that were not comprehensively covered as part of my undergraduate degree. For example, Good Manufacturing Practices, Process Validation, Supply Chain and Quality Assurance. This provided me with a broader understanding of the industry and laid a strong foundation on which to build my career.

Top Tips for future Global Graduates:

• Demonstrate a positive attitude and enthusiasm for your work and the business of the placement company. Many graduates will have a standard of education and skill similar to your own, it is your attitude that will set you apart.
• Involve yourself in many aspects of the business as possible, even if they are not directly related to your core responsibilities. Observing the functions of other departments will help you gain a more complete understanding of the industry.
• Never be apprehensive about asking questions or asking for support. Building relationships with experienced colleagues can be a valuable tool for aiding your development.

Why would you recommend this Multinational programme to others?

The Multinational programme provides an excellent springboard from which to launch a career. It can be difficult for graduates to find jobs related to their degrees immediately after graduating but this programme is an opportunity to begin your career with industry leading companies, in roles that have great potential for professional development and growth. In my experience, the placement company always supported my development and were very conscientious in coaching graduates through this early stage in their career. The diploma element of the programme also offers a fantastic opportunity to diversify your skillset and build competence in areas that you may not have otherwise.

• Building knowledge and experience of the industry within which I want to pursue a career.
• Working for a great company with such knowledgeable and supportive colleagues.
• Gaining a qualification in an area that is not directly related to my degree but is applicable to many industries.
• Improving my research skills and technical expertise, which will benefit many aspects of my career moving forward.

• Striking the balance between work responsibilities and the assignments for the diploma can be difficult initially. Being organized and exercising good foresight is important for effectively managing your responsibilities.


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