Ibec launches programme to help SMEs

The “Global Graduates” programme aims to help small and medium sized companies compete with large multinationals to attract young ambitious graduates. To be eligible, firms must be have a presence overseas and be able to provide the graduate with an international placement experience.

Ibec progamme manager David Broderick says, “What makes Ibec global graduates unique is that funding and support will benefit SMEs in particular”.

This exciting new graduate opportunity will build on the hugely successful Export Orientation Programme, which has placed 2,200 graduates with Irish firms all over the world, over the last thirty years.

The programme will give participating companies the chance to develop their next generation of business leaders and help them to expand into new markets.

Companies from a broad spectrum of industries are participating including financial services, information technology and the pharmaceutical industry. The programme will allow graduates to get that crucial first step on the career ladder across a range of roles and provide the opportunity to gain a postgraduate diploma in International Business with Dublin Institute of Technology..