Challenge yourself and grow! by John Savage

Tell us a few things about yourself

I studied Cell & Molecular Biology in University College Dublin in my undergraduate degree, followed by a Master’s degree in Molecular Medicine in Trinity College Dublin. I had worked as a research intern with the National Science and Technology Development Agency in Thailand and as a Research Assistant in the Trinity Translational Medicine Institute. My hobbies include playing music, creative writing, archery and travel.

I chose the Ibec Global Graduates – Multinational Programme because it offered research positions at this early stage in my career, with a prestigious multinational company. From my own experiences, this is an opportunity that isn’t readily available in Ireland for recent graduates and the Ibec Global Graduates programme stands out for this reason. Also, the programme lends itself to upskilling with the postgraduate certificate in an area I wouldn’t have studied prior to this.

How is it to work for Cook Medical?

I am working in Research and Development Engineering on two high level projects in Cook Medical in Limerick. I am engaged in laboratory testing, prototype/method development, product specific research & daily meetings on project progression.

Cook invent, manufacture and deliver medical devices around the world to consistently meet patient and clinical needs. There is an excellent culture for community engagement (such as charity fundraising with NOVAS) and a strong focus on patient well-being. Working in Cook has allowed me to avail of every opportunity presented to me and they really emphasise self-sufficiency, while enabling you to broaden your skill set.

I have been involved in several projects at various stages of development already. Feasibility, Prototyping and Method Development are the key areas I am working on in my primary project. I am also involved in design review contribution and have conducted presentations on my areas of experience, relating to my assigned projects, for the team here and in the US.

What are top tips you would like to share with graduates that wish to apply to this programme?

• Don’t be afraid to apply for a role that may not be directly related to your qualification. It may turn out to be an excellent opportunity for you to challenge yourself and grow.
• Remember to be yourself in the interview, that’s how you can distinguish yourself from other similarly qualified candidates.
• Show you are eager to get engaged with the company culture as well as the job, it’s more important than you might think.

Why would you recommend this Multinational programme to other graduates?

I would definitely recommend this programme to others. I’ve had a great experience of it to date. Outside of work, I’ve been involved in teambuilding events, the NOVAS Christmas Charity Sleep Out and several social events organised by team members within the company.


• Gaining experience in an industry related to my areas of interest.
• Opportunity to work in a company with a great culture and on several fascinating projects with an emphasis on patient benefit.
• Upskilling in an entirely different area to my college qualifications.
• Finding a job that is both rewarding and challenging.


• Finding your feet in an industrial environment: This is something I was entirely unfamiliar with, but with the right attitude it’s surprising how quickly you can get used to it.
• Keeping on top of the academic assignments: Balancing the assignments and work can be tricky initially. You can get very engaged in work and completing the assignments outside of work can be demanding, but with good time management its manageable.


If you would like to apply to a Cook Medical placement click here to create your online application and apply to our August 2020 Multinational Programme!